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Next Previous Products For X-Cart

Let your customers easily browse your catalog from one product to the next.

Next Previous Products for X-Cart allows customers to view products within an X-Cart category by moving directly from one X-Cart product details page to the next.

Key features include:

  • When accessing a product from a category page it will show the products of the category as Next/Previous allowing them to look at the products without having to return to the category listing.
  • Allows the user to browse products in the same sort order they were viewing by on the category page.
  • When a product is accessed directly (i.e. not from a category) it will display the products of the parent category.
  • Optional centered or margin aligned setting.
  • Optional setting to display category name and the item # being viewed i.e. Browsing: Category Name (Item 7 of 52).
  • Compatible with X-Cart modules Product Sort by Pro, CDSEO for X-Cart, and/or Clean Urls.
  • Allows the user to circle forward or backwards through the category when accessing the first or last item.
  • When only two products are available it properly displays them as the Next or Previous product depending if they are first or last in the category.
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"A must have mod. I really like the description of which category you are browsing and viewing "x" of "y".

Works well on my site using xcart 4.3.2. Great service from WebsiteCM as well.

Geoff from Sydney, Australia"

Geoffrey Stott

"Works well, easy install, looks great with Dynamic Product Tabs. Makes navigation through lots of products so much faster and easier when you have a lot of products, can't believe I didn't install it earlier...

My vote for a future feature would be for it to be able to forward/next through any current set of found records rather than by category only, important on sites where users usually search for products rather than browse by category.

- shawn -

Shawn Gowans

"This is a MUST for larger stores... Works great on 4.4.x"

Rob Breault

Current Version: 1.3.4

1.3.4 - September 16, 2015

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.7 compatibility.
  • Added support for PHP 7 (Dec 14, 2016)

1.3.3 - March 02, 2015

  • Corrected issue where product links did not appear when a single default store language was set.

1.3.2 - August 02, 2013

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.6 compatibility.

1.3.1 - December 28, 2012

  • Added compatibility with the Show products which are out of stock setting.
  • Enabled the sorting of Next/Previous products on product name when a product is accessed from a category sorted by product name.

1.3 - October 16, 2012

  • Bug corrected where Next/Previous would try to order on the product database field removed in 4.5.x.

1.2 - September 26, 2012

  • Module was tested on all X-Cart versions 4.1 through 4.5 and code and installation instructions were updated accordingly.
  • Installation instructions were updated with a new more friendly format.
  • Licensing system changed to use Ioncube.

1.1 - September 9, 2010

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.4 compatibility.

1.0 - March 13, 2010

  • Public release of the product.

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