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Remember Me For X-Cart

Don't lose sales due to frustrated customers who've forgotten their password. Let them check out quick and easy.

Add a checkbox to your X-Cart store as part of the login and registration processes. When checked, the person's eCommerce information is remembered, and upon returning to the store at a later date, they are logged in automatically and their previous X-Cart contents are remembered.

Now also supports 'Remember Me' functionality at time of registration!

These days most Internet users have more passwords than they can remember, and trying to retrieve password information by remembering email addresses or login names can be a frustrating experience.  For this reason, counting on your customers to remember their login information can cost you sales.

This mod eliminates that problem by adding a "Remember Me" checkbox to your xcart e-commerce store as part of the login and registration processes.  When checked, the person's login information is remembered, and upon returning to the store at a later date, they are logged in automatically and their previous cart contents are remembered.

This allows you to:

  • Increase sales by reducing customer confusion over lost accounts.
  • Increase conversion rates by removing the login step from the checkout process.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by removing confusion over lost passwords.
  • Increase access to logged in only features, including wishlists, real-time shipping, and order tracking.
  • Decrease need for customer support due to lost accounts.
  • Decrease multiple accounts by reducing customers who re-register.

This truly is a MUST HAVE MOD mod for every X-Cart store.

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"I have purchased several modifications from WebsiteCM including ezCheckout, ezUpsell, ezRecommends and Remember Me. All of them are provided in a professional manner and include very easy to follow instructions for installation."

J. Mantz

"I was very happy with the work and level of support provided by WebsiteCM."

P. Hodgers, Puresoft

"WebsiteCM has provided top quality support, in a fast, couteous manner every time I've needed help. The Remember Me mod works flawlessly, and has been a great asset for my customers. Thanks Jon."

G. Politis

"As a frequent visitor of other top professional e-commerce websites, I found that all of them had the option of checking a box to remain logged in. I find this a lot easier than having to log in again every time I re-visit a website. This mod does just that. It works perfectly with x-cart and adds that extra convenience for your customers.

I am especially happy with the service provided by WebsiteCM. I have already purchased numerous mods from them and I have found the customer service to be among the best in the industry. Anytime I have needed help with installation or making a modification to one of the mods, the support has been extremely friendly and helpful, and has gone above and beyond to help we with my questions. Thanks Jon and the rest of the crew at WebsiteCM. I look forward to doing more business in the future!"


"Great Experience! Very much useful if you use a system like x-cart."

Taryu Josef

"Works exactly as advertised, install instructions were easy to follow and accurate. I only use mods from WebsiteCM as they are always solidly developed and support is top notch. Thanks again!"

Shawn Gowans

Current Version: 1.4.4

1.4.4 - February 15, 2016

  • Updated installation instructions for X-Cart 4.6 & 4.7.
  • Added support for PHP 7 (Dec 14, 2016)

1.4.3 - August 02, 2013

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.6 compatibility.

1.4.2 - March 06, 2013

  • Updated for compatibility with X-Cart 4.5.5 security changes.

1.4.1 - February 11, 2013

  • Module no longer disables automatically on license error.

1.4 - September 26, 2012

  • Tested on all X-Cart versions 4.1 through 4.5 and code and installation instructions were updated accordingly.
  • Installation instructions were updated with a new more friendly format.
  • Licensing system changed to use Ioncube.
  • Support for X-Cart versions prior to 4.1 no longer supported.

1.3 - May 14, 2012

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.5 compatibility.

1.2 - July 27, 2011

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.4 compatibility.
  • Added the ability to be Remembered upon registration.

1.11 - April 23, 2010

  • Updated installation instructions for X-Cart 4.3.1 compatibility.

1.1 - January 15, 2010

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.1 compatibility.

1.0 - February 13, 2005

  • Public release of the product.

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Compatible: X-Cart 4.1.x to 4.7.x
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