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Product Map (A-Z) For X-Cart

X-Cart's default Product Map was modeled based on ours but lacks important features such as search engine friendly URLs and featured products.

If your customer sitemap has more than 100 links your not being indexed properly by search engines! Product Map (A-Z) for X-Cart solves this problem by providing alphabetically sorted, easily spiderable product links over multiple pages. Featured products are also listed first so they're ranked higher by search engines.

Product Map (A-Z) for X-Cart is so effective that X-Cart tried to copy it in recent X-Cart versions but failed to include important SEO features like SEO friendly urls and highlighting of featured products.


  • Product Map itself has seo friendly urls for increased spidering of the map (Optional).
  • Allows you to specify products for display on your main product map page to weight them heavier with search engines.
  • Configure the number of products to display per page.
  • Choose to exclude products from display.
  • Works with membership levels so the user sees the products for which they are granted access.
  • Configure which letters you want to provide the user to sort by.
  • Choose to show product details, including thumbnail and short description, or just a simple text link.
  • Displays featured products first in listings so they are given prevalence.
  • Works seamlessly with popular SEO mods such as Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO™) Pro for X-Cart.
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"Absolutely fantastic product, would recommend it!"

Waheed Miah

"A rock solid, well thought-out mod, a vast improvement on the x-cart 4.4 product map. Google loves it."

Shawn Gowans

Current Version: 2.0.4

2.0.4 - November 4, 2015

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.7 compatibility.

2.0.3 - August 02, 2013

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.6 compatibility.

2.0.2 - December 28, 2012

  • Added compatibility with the Show products which are out of stock setting.

2.0 - September 26, 2012

  • Module was tested on all X-Cart versions 4.1 through 4.5 and code and installation instructions were updated accordingly.
  • Installation instructions were updated with a new more friendly format.
  • Licensing system changed to use Ioncube.

1.3 - May 25, 2012

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.5 compatibility.

1.2 - November 8, 2010

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.4 compatibility.

1.1 - December 31, 2009

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.3 compatibility.
  • Converted to module that can be enabled/disabled via the x-cart admin section.

1.0 - December 5, 2006

  • Public release of the product.

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