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Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO™) Pro For X-Cart

Let CDSEO take the worry out of Search Engine Optimization for X-Cart.

You're not using clean urls are you? CDSEO fixes numerous X-Cart SEO flaws and implements many additional important SEO features. Find out what thousands of CDSEO users already know and let CDSEO take the worry out of Search Engine Optimization.

CDSEO v2.0.0 has been released! Check out all the new features in the Changelog tab. We've also added the following CDSEO addons:

CDSEO™ Pro for X-Cart is the definitive X-Cart SEO tool. Created from over ten years of hands-on X-Cart SEO experience in addition to feedback from the top X-Cart search engine marketing firms, CDSEO Pro creates a search engine friendly structure while providing the ability to SEO optimize your category, product, manufacturer, and static pages.

CDSEO Pro is the greatest thing to happen to X-Cart SEO - EVER.  All other X-Cart SEO solutions have been flakey in comparison.  CDSEO Pro is an absolute blessing and an answer to the prayers of anyone who has ever attempted to optimize X-Cart for the search engines.
- Dmitri Rassadkine
ASF Design Inc. X-Cart SEO Firm)

With CDSEO Pro you have custom control over:

  • Urls
  • Page Titles
  • Link Anchors
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Index Page Title
  • Index Meta Description
  • Canonical Link Tags
  • URL Redirects on disabled items
  • Nofollow
  • NoIndex
  • Sitemap Inclusion

... all using an integrated administration control panel!

CDSEO Pro is the only X-Cart url mod that functions as a complete SEO solution!

Additional features include:

  • Folder and/or .html or .htm extensions for URLs
  • Automatic redirect from default X-Cart url's to help prevent duplicate content of categories, products, manufacturers and static pages
  • Automatic rewrite of / index
  • rel="next" and rel="prev" tags to help search engines understand paginated categories, manufacturers and xCMS categories
  • Global noodp and noydir support
  • Internal cache for increased speed and use on larger X-Cart stores
  • Support for third-party modules by allowing custom query strings in the urls
  • Canonical tag support for duplicate content control of categories, manufacturers, products and static pages
  • Easy third-party module integration using a URL API
  • SEO module support to further expand CDSEO Pro
  • Large store setting allowing CDSEO to function quickly on stores with upwards of 100,000 items
  • When categories, manufacturers, products and/or static pages are disabled, CDSEO allows you to 301 redirect the disabled item to a specific url to transfer the SEO ranking instead of dropping from search engines
  • Optionally 301 redirect any disabled items for which a custom disabled url is not specified to transfer the SEO rank to your home page
  • Optional setting to force the use of case-sensitive urls
  • Cronable product population to ensure SEO data stays populated as you (or your clients) add new items
  • Optionally allows replacement with full http domain, i.e. href="http://www.example.com/url/" instead of href="/url/"
  • Automatic 301 redirects from default php urls, html catalog urls, and/or X-Cart clean urls.
  • robots.txt generator

Administration is easy as CDSEO Pro:

  • Auto-populates SEO data using a web-based installation
  • Auto-population pesets to create various URL formats including option to include category paths
  • Allows for easy customization of categories, products, manufacturers, and static pages
  • Provides the ability to export/import SEO data
  • Is easily configurable through a settings administration page

XML SiteMap Generator

  • CDSEO's built in XML SiteMap Generator creates sitemaps in literally seconds
  • Optional ability to automatically tell Google and Bing to recheck your sitemap after generation
  • Cronjob supported - setup once and it will keep itself updated!
  • Optional automatic .gz compression support
  • Ability to add non-X-Cart urls if desired
  • Google News sitemap when used with xCMS
  • Priority/frequency customization for categories/products/manufacturers/static pages
  • Optional ability to customize priority/frequencies for individual urls


  • Mod_rewrite (Apache), Isapi Rewrite 3+ (Windows) or Zeus Rewrite (Zeus)
    Nearly all apache hosts provide mod rewrite, while isapi rewrite for windows can be downloaded.
  • CURL is required only if you wish to use XML SiteMap pinging
  • GZIP is required only if you wish to compress your SiteMap
  • CDSEO provides SEO functionality for primary X-Cart store language only
  1. What will happen to my existing urls when I install CDSEO?Details
  2. Will CDSEO work on my highly customized X-Cart?Details
  3. Once I'm using CDSEO Pro, what's the upgrade process?Details
  4. Can I modify CDSEO values from the X-Cart add/modify pages?Details
  5. Can I view the CDSEO installation instructions?Details

"Exactly what we were looking for! A must have for any search engine optimized store. This mod provides ultimate flexibility in SEO and usability of dynamic pages. We're offering this add-on with installation to all our hosted clients and investing in more servers to support the extra traffic generated by this great mod!"

Anton P. - FinestShops.com

"CDSEO Links for X-Cart is great and is really what I wanted. I have now put WebsiteCM on my radar for any xcart upgrade to be done - really innovative products."


"If you've done any homework on SEO, you'll know the importance of your URL, avoiding duplicate content and having easy links for others to backlink to you (such as http://www.mommymakeup.com/makeup/pretty-n-polished.html). CDSEO solves these issues, in a very elegant way. X-Cart (out of the box) can be SEO hostile, but CDSEO solves many of the critical deficiencies of the stock cart."

Jeremy Roberts, CEO of Mommy-Makeup

"CDSEO - just great! I can see results now. It took about 2 weeks to improve my ranking in major search engines. Thank you very much :)"

Witold Jermolowicz - naszacena.pl

"Great SEO Package for anyone running a larger website. Integrated easily and made adding detailed keywords a breeze. WebsiteCM is hands down the best there is when it comes to X-Cart and we highly recommend their products and services to anyone looking to boost their sales and exposure."

Shawn J McCurdy, CEO cimotorsports.net

"1 Word... AMAZING !!!! I can't stress enough how important this mod is. I added new products to my store and within 6 hours (no joke) I had a sale because I was found by a customer through dogpile.com because the customer entered in keywords that matched exactly. AMAZING !!!!"

Doug Rock - systemskins.com

"CDSEO elevates our game allowing us rich key word control with HTML URLS that we label. To put it bluntly, the cost of this module is how much we lose without it. If you need organic results this module is a must with an x-cart store. I won't even go into how helpful Jon's team has been over the last few years; that just seems like bonus."

Chris Brown

"CDSEO Pro is hands down the most important x-cart mod any cart owner can do IMHO. I was a huge fan of CDSEO Links and now with CDSEO Pro I have complete SEO optimization control over my products, categories, manufactures, and static pages. Adding data and fine tuning is a breeze with all the data items nicely displayed on a single page in the CDSEO Pro administration control panel. In 2 short weeks I've already corrected a fair number of inconsistencies and patched some holes in my previous work and I'm sure that without CDSEO Pro they would have continued to go unnoticed."

Paul Harris

"This is truly a great mod that is a must have. Our organic search engine sales have increased 4x as a direct result of better search engine placement in less than two weeks.

It is 100% compatible with the latest versions of Feed Manager and SmartSearch for those with concerns. The brand new user interface helps you make the most of your products titles and meta data. Well done Jon. We are looking forward to seeing your expansion modules for this.

This mod is well worth the money. Be sure to purchase the installation so Jon's group can troubleshoot your specific server's environment and get CDSEO Pro working the first time. We are well happy with it and you undoubtedly will be to."


"Using CDSEO Pro our newly added products take as little as 24 HOURS to rise to #1 in the search engines! Yes, you heard me right. In the past we thought when it took a few weeks it was going well. We did this first with DSEFU, then when we went to CDSEO Basic, it began to take a bit less. After upgrading to CDSEO Pro we were blown away when we noticed in as little as 24 hours we were the top listing in ALL of the new products added, not just on the first page. To us this is pure magic. We have never seen this type of listing gained in the search indexes with anything else we used, and that includes pure html pages, let alone using php with rewrites. We've also found CDSEO Pro to be very fast measuring in faster fox provided by firefox, and have found them much faster even to the naked eye. So not only the results obtained trumps all we have seen in the past, but the performance is great."

Mark Whitlock SNM Group, LLC

"I cannot recommend the CDSEO pro enough. It's a must have mod for any business who is serious about SEO for their ecommerce business. It's easy to use and set up with many options to customize your sites pages. CDSEO is for those e-store owners who want to take their business to the next level, fantastic product, at a great price, with excellent five star services; you can't ask for more!"

Rafael & Bibiana - carouselwear.com

"This mod is a must have. Results are evident with a day!!"

Pete - jairus.com.au

"Jon installed CDSEO in no time flat. The flexibility this gives us is unreal. No more MySQL product numbers in the urls. Meta keywords and descriptions for every item, no more canned metas site wide. Thanks a bundle."

Kennedy Hardware - kennedyhardware.com

"After doing my research and finally settling on WebsiteCM as the SEO product I would go with I couldn't be more pleased. Not only is the software programmed by an expert that must have actually studied usability but in my experience the actual technical support I received is off the charts!!

I run my own server and we were having issues with the rewrite working correctly. Jon spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and finally emailed Helicon to get them involved. In the end, Jon got the mod working perfectly on our servers and was a total gentleman to boot. Even after several hours of his time, at no time did he throw up his hands and say, I give up.

This is a must have software in my opinion and is worth every penny paid for it. I will be forcing all of my clients to buy this mod for new xcart installs because their success is very important to me and what this mod does to help with the aspects of search engine optimization that it addresses is invaluable and perfectly implemented. I can' even think of any improvements to add to the wish list for this mod. Jon, well done and your tech support is second to none. I REALLY mean that!"

Barney Iott (GreenTent Web Design and Marketing)

"We trialed it first on our site www.justxcart.com.au/x-cart and got exceptional results within a very short period of time. Now we recommend it to all our clients!"

Nat (Director) - Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd

"Within 8 months we managed to get on top of all market competition regarding visitors - only through organic search results (with corresponding sales in the 6 figures range!).

One of the most amazing things we noticed is that CDSEO's out of the box results generated -mind blowing- search engine saturation we didn't see before and we only had to tweak a few things later on.

Success in search engines depends on many factors but CDSEO is in our experience a must have to get serious."


"CDSEO - great for onsite SEO. Remember though this is only half the battle, off site SEO needs to be sorted, keywords need to be identified, meaningful content written and conversions achieved.
I use CDSEO and I am happy with the job it does - very happy

WebsiteCM Note: We now have xCMS (http://www.websitecm.com/x-cart-mods/xcms.html) available for off-site SEO assistance."

Peter Ogilvie - cardremont.co.uk

"What about the h1 tags fellas? It's not an SEO solution until you can handle the heading tags.

WebsiteCM Note: Dynamic insertion of h1 tags is not really practical, so we find the best way to accomplish this is to edit dialog.tpl to use tags for the heading."


"The best mod we ever installed, a must have mod for any X-Cart store."

Mark - iCompInkCartridges.co.uk

"We do use CDSEO from the very first version, we use it on all our projects. The results are booming! In google we managed to have several nr 1 listings. Before CDSEO this was not possible.

I think this CDSEO mod is the best SEO mod for x-cart. WebsiteCM did all installs for us and their support is perfect! If you need perfect SEO, then go for CDSEO. The only thing you have to do is do some keyword research and the CDSEO does the rest."

Erwin Oldeman

"This is a must have for anyone running a professional x-cart shop. Great product and easy to use."

P. Kuntz - bambanian.nl

"CDSEO is the single most important mod we have ever purchased. If you take the time to properly research your keywords, optimize your SEO campaign and follow the SEO checklist as outlined by WebsiteCM you WILL see an improvement. If you are looking for X-Cart SEO modification you need Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-Cart."

A Massey - HipHopTools.com

"I've been using CDSEO for several years, I like the program very much and I have always received prompt help and support. The software is consistently being updated and when new releases are needed upgrades are reasonable price for existing clients. That's 5 star service and commitment in my book and I highly recommend WebsiteCM and their products!"

Jay (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

"I've been using CDSEO for several years, I like the program very much and I have always received prompt help and support. The software is consistently being updated and when new releases are needed upgrades are reasonable price for existing clients. That's 5 star service and commitment in my book and I highly recommend WebsiteCM and their products!"

Jay (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

"This and the hidden categories mod is a must have for anyone doing SEO. I have 3 copies now for various sites and wouldn't consider an X-cart install without it."

Rich McCabe

"This is a great product with X-Cart. As you upgrade xcart your URL's are maintained. All your previous hard work on SEO is carried on. Combined with xCMS (blogs) and use of CDSEO Pro site manager you get all your pages correctly submitted to search engines. One great package. Should you have a question or issue you get excellent support. I highly recommend the WebsiteCM team!"

Dennis Hughes MyChoice@Firebridge

Current Version: 2.2.0

2.2.0 - June 2, 2017

  • Removed default trailing slash from home page canonical URL

2.1.9 - February 28, 2017

  • Updated to use current protocol (https:// or http://) when "Include http domain name in links" is enabled

2.1.8 - August 10, 2016

  • Fix for URL History (301 Redirects) when CDSEO URLs are updated in the Import/Export module
  • Added support for PHP 7 (Dec 14, 2016)

2.1.7 - May 17, 2016

  • Fix in XML Sitemap Generator for duplicate Manufacturer Urls when more additional navigation pages exist than the actual amount of pages
  • Fix in CDSEO Admin for Manufacturer data that appeared incorrectly when editing additional navigation pages
  • Fix for XML Sitemap Generator errors on PHP v5.2 (rare situation)

2.1.6 - April 7, 2016

  • Added a fix for "array_key_exists" PHP warning

2.1.5 - March 3, 2016

  • Fix in CDSEO Auto Population to use X-Cart category page titles when specified
  • Fix for dollar signs ($) which were removed from page titles and meta descriptions

2.1.4 - May 12, 2015

  • PCI compliance fix for home page canonical tag
  • Added a 301 redirect when "Rewrite and redirect index page of home.php to /" is enabled in CDSEO and "/home.php/example/" or "/home.php/example.html" is accessed

2.1.3 - May 4, 2015

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.7 compatibility.
  • Added sub-category paths to CDSEO Admin category pages

2.1.2 - April 10, 2015

  • Speed optimization for Auto Population module
  • Now supports the default X-Cart canonical tag when no CDSEO URL or canonical tag is specified
  • Custom canonical tags added to xCMS pages when no CDSEO URL or canonical tag is specified
  • Fix for Auto Population cronjob where existing CDSEO URLs were sometimes removed when newer, duplicate CDSEO URLs were generated

2.1.1 - February 26, 2015

  • Added character counter in CDSEO Admin panel for meta descriptions, page titles, link titles, and urls
  • Added functionality to 301 redirect category, manufacturer and xCMS category sub-pages with no results to the main page

2.1.0 - November 25, 2014

  • Added support for existing robots meta tags so that custom robots meta tags are not overwritten

2.0.9 - October 21, 2014

  • Updated the home page canonical link to use the "Use http for canonical" CDSEO setting

2.0.8 - September 29, 2014

  • Fixed error when Auto Populating CDSEO data in some versions of Internet Explorer
  • Added missing XML tag for News Sitemap XCMS Entries in XML Sitemap Generator
  • Fixed error in XML Sitemap Generator when xCMS is installed, but no xCMS Entries exist

2.0.7 - September 16, 2014

  • Added support for PHP 5.5
  • Fixed an issue in XML Sitemap Generator where permission error was sometimes incorrectly displayed

2.0.6 - September 11, 2014

  • Added new option to XML Sitemap Generator to generate HTTPS URLs
  • Fixed an issue in XML Sitemap Generator where compressed sitemap setting was sometimes not being saved

2.0.5 - September 3, 2014

  • New "Sort by Product Sales" feature for Categories, Products, and Manufacturers
  • Breadcrumbs now function properly when the X-cart admin folder is renamed
  • Corrected issue where CDSEO Urls could sometimes be accessed with an extra slash before the file extension
  • Added cdseo-sitemaps folder to the upload package and a warning when the XML Sitemap Generator needs permissions to be set on this folder

2.0.4 - August 15, 2014

  • Corrected errors in the CDSEO Pro installation instructions
  • Fixed issue in XML Sitemap Generator admin page where product availability settings were sometimes not being saved
  • Fixed issue in XML Sitemap Generator admin page where the search engine ping settings were sometimes not being saved
  • Fixed issue in XML Sitemap Generator where disabled products were sometimes being listed, even though Product Availability was set to "Available Only"
  • Fixed issue in XML Sitemap Generator where xCMS frequency and priority tags were sometimes not properly created
  • Fixed issue in XML Sitemap Generator where xCMS Category navigation pages were not using the assigned priority and frequency settings

2.0.3 - August 05, 2014

  • Further optimized for auto-population
  • Updated XML Sitemap Generator and Robots.txt Generator to submit sitemap.xml index file even when compression is enabled
  • Corrected an issue where category or product SEO data was sometimes not auto populated
  • Corrected an issue with the Static Page sitemap file

2.0.2 - July 31, 2014

  • Fixed SQL error that occurred on sites with a custom meta_keywords field
  • Corrected an issue with Auto Populate when xCMS was not installed
  • Further optimized the Auto Populate module
  • Added URL history to xCMS Entries

2.0.1 - July 25, 2014

  • Fix to load categories without any assigned products
  • Removed an extra forward slash on the canonical URL

2.0.0 - July 21, 2014

  • New design and display
  • Updated admin section to utilize AJAX saves
  • Added a home page dashboard
  • Implemented an important change to utilize rel="next" and rel="prev" tags to help search engines understand paginated categories, manufacturers and xCMS categories
  • Added global noodp and noydir support
  • Added ability to exclude items from XML sitemap generator
  • Added custom canonical control to individual items
  • Added nofollow control to individual items
  • Added noindex control to individual items
  • Added "Last Updated" dates for each item in the admin section
  • Added the ability to filter admin section for missing values only
  • Added the ability to specify a home page title in the settings
  • Added the ability to specify a home page meta description to settings
  • Made the appending of company name to page titles dynamic based on configuration setting
  • Modified editing of items in the admin section to hide advanced settings by default
  • Updated the XML Sitemap Generator for support of more than 50,000 links
  • Added Google News sitemap creation to the XML Sitemap Generator when used with xCMS
  • Improved the look of the default 404 page
  • Added proper 301 redirecting when a page greater than the possible number of pages are accessed in categories, manufacturers and xCMS categories
  • Modified the import functionality to update the URL history so links changed on import do not break
  • Re-coded the auto-population functionality to use AJAX for smoother process and better compatibility with large sites
  • Added Main Category Path as an option for generating product URLs when auto-populating
  • Added Subcategory Paths as an option for generating xCMS Entry URLs when auto-populating
  • Saved the auto-population settings to the database so they don't reset each page load
  • Modified the auto-population cron to use the saved database settings
  • Created a help section to serve as a manual
  • Updated robots.txt generator with additional pages
  • Corrected a bug where disabled xCMS Entries were not being indexed correctly
  • Added code for forcing of trailing slashes to .htaccess (commented out by default)
  • Added code for forcing HTTPS to .htaccess (commented out by default)
  • Removed population of keyword field from descriptions
  • Corrected a bug where root x-cart static pages were showing instead of just embedded pages
  • Moved keyword field to a reference key only
  • Added an installation change from KB for a fix to https.php directly into install instructions
  • Added the capability to install additional CDSEO addons

1.9.6 - August 01, 2013

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.6 compatibility.
  • Removed the discontinued Ask.com sitemap ping.
  • Updated the welcome screen.

1.9.5 - June 13, 2013

  • Corrected a bug where manufacturers were being written to the sitemap when manufacturers module was populated but disabled.

1.9.4 - May 20, 2013

  • Corrected a bug where url history was being recorded but not displayed properly for products and static pages.

1.9.3 - April 18, 2013

  • Corrected a bug where default titles were not displaying correctly when no custom title was entered.

1.9.2 - March 13, 2013

  • Corrected a bug where pagination was not working correctly when "Individual query replacements" was enabled.

1.9.1 - February 5, 2013

  • Added compatibility for X-Cart's Google Rich Snippet module.

1.9.0 - January 7, 2013

  • Conversion of foreign characters has been updated to take place automatically without specification in the cdseo_translate.php file which is no longer used.

1.8.9 - January 3, 2013

  • Corrected an sql error triggered when searching for a product within the CDSEO Admin section on X-Cart 4.5.x.
  • Updated the "Current Version" link to point directly to the CDSEO changelog.

1.8.8 - December 8, 2012

  • Corrected a bug in the license encoding that would sometimes cause the module to disable itself.

1.8.7 - October 16, 2012

  • Added functionality to clear the CDSEO cache automatically when a user upgrades their CDSEO Pro version.

1.8.6 - October 10, 2012

  • Modified sitemap generator for compatibility with our Hidden Categories module.

1.8.5 - September 26, 2012

  • Corrected a bug generating an SQL error on product updates.
  • Licensing system changed to use Ioncube.
  • X-Cart 3.5 and 4.0 are no longer officially supported.

1.8.4 - May 08, 2012

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.5 compatibility.

1.8.3 - April 14, 2012

  • Corrected redirects when a paginated url is accessed and that page does not have the appropriate number of products for it to be required.

1.8.2 - March 26, 2012

  • Corrected xCMS comment pagination bug.

1.8.1 - January 30, 2012

  • Added new feature to XML Sitemap Generator allowing choice of listing available/hidden and/or disabled items in the sitemap.
  • Removed Yahoo from XML Sitemap Generator as the search engine no longer supports ping.
  • Modified XML Sitemap Generator to properly display the Ask logo on successful ping.
  • Updated version display with a link to the current version on the CDSEO Upgrade page.

1.8.0 - August 5, 2011

  • Created the ability to customize page 2, page 3, page 4 etc. on categories/manufacturers/xCMS categories to increase relevant pages indexed and help prevent duplicate content warnings of categories, products, manufacturers and static pages.
  • Changed the 404 Not Found setting to use a selected Static Page as created in the x-cart admin.
  • Added the ability to view and delete url history.
  • Added writing of url to history for 301 redirects when items are imported.
  • Provision was added to sitemap generator for the closing of the Yahoo API on September 15, 2011.

1.7.4 - March 4, 2011

  • Fixed a bug in Clean Url redirection, that under certain circumstances where an SEO id matched both a category and a product, it would at times redirect incorrect.

1.7.3 - December 9, 2010

  • Fixed a bug in CDSEO XML Sitemap Generator that was listing xCMS entries that were posted into the future.

1.7.2 - October 7, 2010

  • Added compatibility with recently viewed products module for which x-cart strangely relies on $_GET variable of productid.

1.7.1 - September 7, 2010

  • Corrected a bug in the auto-generating of category urls when using slashes or dashes.

1.7 - August 10, 2010

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.4 compatibility.
  • Updated the installation process to dynamically present installation steps based on x-cart version.

1.6.2 - March 18, 2010

  • Modified outputfilter to properly replace around #anchor tags i.e. product.php?productid=X#anchor will become seo-friendly-url.html#anchor. Fix applied to categories, products, manufactures, xCMS categories, xCMS entries.


  • Reliance on ctype_digit removed.
  • Updated http_build_query to specify usage of &.

1.6.0 - February 6, 2010

  • Added compatibility with xCMS.
  • Moved import/export to modules section to accommodate new xCMS button.

1.5.0 - December 31, 2009

  • Updated for X-Cart 3.5.x compatibility.
  • Changed admin update notifications from a javascript alert to an on screen message for smoother updates.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic urls were 301 redirecting even when the "Redirect Dynamic PHP Urls " setting was disabled.
  • Instructions for implementing menu link on x-cart 4.3.x Gold and 4.3.x Pro were modified.
  • Corrected issue where some 301 redirects were not performing correctly on IIS.


  • Updated the sql association of url/item to more gracefully handle possible -pX url conflict with pagination system.


  • Added automatic 301 redirects from xcart clean url and x-cart clean url history tables.


  • Setting added to optionally allow replacing default urls with full http domain, i.e. href= "http://www.example.com/url/ " instead of href= "/url/ "
  • Installation instructions modified to mention disabling of x-cart clean urls module.


  • Small installation changes made for X-Cart 4.3 compatibility.


  • Updated 'Complete Installation! ' link to 'Click here to Complete Installation! ' for further clarification.
  • Get extension function updated to correct an issue with .htm extensions.


  • Added an optional setting to force the use of case-sensitive urls.
  • Added cronable product population.


  • Ensured dynamic use of all table references: $sql_tbl[ 'tbl_name '].


  • Modified the sitemap generator to use internal css instead of a linked stylesheet, as the linked stylesheet caused authentication issues when the admin section was password protected.


  • Added bing.com support.


  • Foreign character translation modified so that character replacement variables are available in the cdseo_translate.php file.


  • Updated with new forum screenshot and url.


  • In admin section, added sku listing with product title to better differentiate products with the same name.
  • Added SKU to the cdseo admin search.


  • Small bug fixes surrounding .html and .htm extensions.
  • Modified canonical link tag to not use home.php when rewrite/redirect is specified in admin and home.php?xid=X is accessed.


  • Added 'large store ' setting support to use individual query replacements.
  • Added 301 support for disabled items.
  • Added .htm extension support.
  • Updated import functionality to prevent -p from being utlized to avoid conflict with pagination.
  • Added to robots.txt: Disallow: sort_direction=*.


  • Canonical tag support added.


  • Modified the admin_func.php for mysql 3 compatibility in delete from multiple tables.
  • Modified auto-population for option to populate meta keywords and meta descriptions from short or long description.
  • Modified meta keyword/description for friendly truncation to break on periods, question marks, or exclamation marks, when applicable.


  • Fixed bug in foreign character translation that prevented auto-population in specific situations.


  • Added foreign character translation when creating urls.
  • Added sitemap generator.
  • Modified cdseo_url_redirects.php to remove pageid from redirect query string.
  • Added a divUpdated class to style.css.
  • Modified cdseo_convert_urls.php to fix manufacturer redirect.
  • Added javascript code to limit urls in the admin section 251 chars.
  • Added a filter for status in the admin section display.
  • Ensured items deleted in x-cart are not present in cdseo database.
  • Fixed bug in https redirect support.


  • Updated for X-Cart 4.2 compatibility.
  • Moved outputfilter file to modules/cdseolinks/.
  • Updated cdseo_config.php to reflect new outputfilter path.
  • Updated readme to reflect new instructions.
  • Updated import_func.php for 4.2 migration of meta tags.
  • Updated version.php.
  • Updated .htaccess code with new RewriteCond.


  • Added image map support to the outputfilter.
  • Removed page query string from url in cdseo redirects.


  • Changed stripos usage in admin_func.php since it is php5 only.
  • Updated htmlspecialchars usage in config and admin func.
  • Added $mid to cdseo_redirects for third party module support.
  • Added https_location support on redirects.

1.1.5 - September 9, 2008

  • Updated for X-Cart 4.1.11 compatibility.

1.1.3 - July 10, 2008

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Added auto-population module.
  • Updated for X-Cart 4.0 compatibility.

1.1 - July 1, 2008

  • Added Zeus and windows compatibility.

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