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Share your passion and knowledge to improve search rankings while building customer relationships and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

The Social Objective

Create a social media profile that personifies your brand to establish your company as a likeable and knowledgeable authority in your industry while also:

  • building trust
  • improving customer service
  • identifying new customers
  • generating sales
  • creating community
  • driving search engine rankings

Conversations are taking place within your industry all over social media channels, whether you're engaging in them or not. Being active on social media allows you to proactively contribute to those discussions, and once established as a trusted authority, to lead and direct discussions in ways that are favorable to your business.

The Social Challenge

Social media can either help or hinder your business.

Companies that don't fully understand social media tend to continuously put out product information or company updates, essentially talking at their customers instead of with them. Companies that fail to understand the purpose and demographics of differing social media networks often waste time on social media channels that don't further their business objectives.

Being active on social media allows you to interact with your customers... that doesn't mean they'll care what you have to say and it doesn't mean they'll like you. Companies can have their reputation critically damaged if they put forth a persona that doesn't resonate well with customers, fails to follow social media norms and etiquette or comes across as unprofessional.

The Benefits of Working With Us

We understand social media. We work with you to select networks that are relevant to your business and define your social media profile with branding that supports your business and marketing objectives so your customers will relate to you.

We develop a social media plan that compliments your business and works in concert with your search engine optimization strategies.

We can work with your team to implement or can be responsible for implementation on your behalf.

Upon implementation, we study analytics and constantly improve so you say the right things, to the right people, at the right times, on the right social media channels.

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