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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a contest between you and the rest of the entire world.
We strategically position you for success.

The Search Objective

Establish yourself as an industry leader recognized as a trusted source of quality information so that Google will want to rank you high in search engine listings to boost the credibility of its results.

Ranking high in search results requires search engines to programmatically say "yes" to the following questions about your website:

  1. Is it of the highest quality?
  2. Is it what the user wants?
  3. Can it be trusted?

A study by Conductor.com found that on average search engines generate 50% of website traffic. Statistics from Chitika show 76% of that traffic comes from the top 5 ranking positions; there's a lot at stake in the competition for important search terms.

The Search Challenge

We began performing SEO before the emergence of Google at a time you could keyword stuff your way to #1 search rankings for a brand new website within 24 hours. That was 1996, and search engines have evolved drastically. There's no longer a quick fix or a magic trick to ranking high. Ranking high in Google requires you to incorporate SEO into your business and be committed to a long-term strategy of doing absolutely everything right.

If you've read our software development page, you'll know that creating a website deemed quality is no easy task. There are over 200 ranking factors analyzed by search engines using algorithms that are constantly evolving. To rank high, you have to do as well as possible on all of the ranking factors without doing anything that will get you penalized for over-optimization.

If you want to rank the best, you have to make a commitment to being the best and to doing everything necessary to make Google happy in the process.

The Benefits of Working With Us

When working with us you're working with one of the most knowledgeable SEO firms in the world and can feel confident that you're doing things right. We've been performing SEO and building SEO software for nearly two decades.

We're exceedingly aware of how to optimize for search engine results so when we code websites or build software we incorporate SEO naturally.

We generate SEO plans using proven approaches to locate and target optimal keywords and integrate on-site and off-site SEO into your business processes to achieve permanent success.

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