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Now Hiring: SEO Specialist

Generate Results. Get Paid. Work from Home and Set Your Own Schedule.

As a successful candidate for this position you have an existing track record of SEO successes. You consider yourself an SEO Specialist and one of the best in the field at that. You take great pride in generating results and are always looking to improve your skillset.

As a freelancer, this position offers you 60-80 hours of guaranteed work per month on an ongoing basis. You can work from home and working hours are flexible giving you the freedom to set your own schedule.

Communication with clients isn't part of this job, so you can spend your time focused on generating results. Your job would be made easier by the super competent developers you would be working with. Mobile friendly design? No need to worry about the basics. Super fast page load times? https://www.smackdigital.com scores a 99% on both PageSpeed and YSlow despite running the notoriously slow X-Cart platform. Budgets that allow for custom review integrations? Naturally.

The resources for SEO are available - your job is to bring them to fruition.

Position Details

Your job would be generating increased profits for our clients through organic search results using only whitehat SEO techniques. You would work with us to generate an SEO plan for each of our clients and then be responsible for the implementation of that plan.

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

Personal Characteristics

Self Motivated
You're constantly thinking about ways to achieve better results and have frequent "ah-ha" moments… sometimes while driving in the car, in the shower or in the middle of the night.

Results Driven
You strive to create exceptional results and a high quality product. You want things to be their best.

Organized and Detail Oriented (Mild OCD)
You see things in terms of organized linkages. You might have trouble sitting down to your desk to work if your environment is a mess.

Strong Writing Ability
You have mastered the English language. You wonder what people who fail to use "your" vs "you're" correctly were doing while this was taught in elementary school.

You don't tell potential clients you will have them ranking #1 on Google within 30 days and stay far away from blackhat techniques.

Time Management
You're good at scheduling work to ensure that all timelines and hour allotments are met.

As an existing Freelancer, we expect you will already have an asking rate. Let us know what you would charge per hour for 60-80 hours guaranteed work per month.

How To Apply

Contact us at jobs@smackdigital.com with your resume, website, LinkedIn profile and/or any other means of helping us understand your skillset and who you are. Include your desired remuneration. We will interview a shortlisted number of candidates. Candidates will then be further shortlisted and hired (paid work) to create an SEO analysis for one of our clients. The analysis will be used to assess the ability of the candidates, after which one candidate will be selected for the ongoing position.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.
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