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How To Move X-Cart Database

Posted by and last updated Jan 6, 2014 11:23 PM

This tutorial will take you step by step how to transfer your X-Cart database from its current server to a new server.

SERVER1: The server on which your X-Cart currently resides.
SERVER2: The server to which your X-Cart is being moved.

Step 1 - Back Up The Current Database

Telnet/SSH into SERVER1.



In this command, change the following:

USERNAME: The username you use to access MySQL. It is specified in your config.php file.
DATABASENAME: The database which your X-Cart is installed into. It is specified in your config.php file.
/PATH/TO/DUMP.SQL: The server path to the file that will be created.

Once you press enter, you will be prompted for the password you use to access MySQL. This is also specified in your config.php file. Once it has returned to the prompt, verify that DUMP.SQL exists in the directory you specified. If you did not specify a full directory, the file will be in the directory you are currently logged into.

Step 2 - Transfer To The New Server

While logged into SERVER1.



In this command, change the following:

SERVER2: the host name (www.example.com) or IP address of the new server.

You should be prompted for a username and password. This is the username and password that you use to login via FTP to your new server.



In this command, change the following:

/PATH/TO/NEW/DIRECTORY: The path to the directory in which you want to place the database backup. If you are unsure what to specify here, you can often omit this command.
/PATH/TO/DUMP.SQL: The same path that you specified in step 1.

Once these commands have finished, type:


Step 3 - Restore On The New Server

If necessary, create the database which your X-Cart will be installed in. Refer to your host for specific information on how this is done. (Can usually be done through a control panel such as Plesk or CPanel). Telnet/SSH into SERVER2.



In this line, you should change the following:

USERNAME: The new username which you will use to access MySQL. If you do not know this value, you should contact your host.
NEWDBNAME: The name of the new database that you created in the first part of this step.
/PATH/TO/NEW/DUMP.SQL: The path to the backup file that you transferred to this server in step 2.

Step 4 - Edit your X-Cart config.php

If your mysql host, username, or password has changed on your new server, will need to open the config.php of SERVER2 and change the values of the database information.

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