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Common Smarty Statements For X-Cart Development

Posted by and last updated Jan 21, 2014 05:14 PM

The below Smarty statements are commonly used when modifying your X-Cart template (.tpl) files.

Home Page

{if $main eq "catalog" AND $current_category.categoryid ne ""}
I am on the home page.

Any Category

{if $main eq "catalog" AND $current_category.categoryid gt 0}
I am on a category listing page.

Specific Category (replace X with the numeric categoryid)

{if $current_category.categoryid eq X}
I am on category X.

Any Product

{if $main eq "product"}
I am on the product details page.

Specific Product (replace X with the numeric productid)

{if $product.productid eq X}
I am on product X.

Any Static Page

{if $main eq "pages"}
I am on a static page.

Specific Static Page (replace X with the numeric pageid)

{if $page_data.pageid eq X}
I am on page X.

Manufacturer Listing

{if $main eq "manufacturers"}
I am on the manufacturers listing page.

Any Manufacturer

{if $main eq "manufacturer"}
I am on the page of a specific manufacturer.

Specific Manufacturer Page (replace X with the numeric manufacturerid)

{if $manufacturer.manufacturerid eq X}
I am on manufacturer X.

Shopping Cart

{if $main eq "cart" OR $main eq "checkout" OR $main eq "order_message"}
I am in the checkout process.

Checkout Process

{if $main eq "checkout" OR $smarty.get.mode eq "checkout" OR $main eq "order_message" OR $smarty.get.mode eq "order_message"}
I am in the checkout process.

Anywhere Except Checkout

{if $main ne "cart" AND $main ne "checkout" AND $smarty.get.mode ne "checkout" AND $main ne "order_message" AND $smarty.get.mode ne "order_message"}
I am in not in the checkout process.

Only If Logged In

{if $login ne ""}
The user is logged in.

Only If Logged Out

{if $login eq ""}
The user is logged out.

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