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Don't Rely On The X-Cart Database Backup/restore

Posted by and last updated May 26, 2014 08:19 PM

The X-Cart DB Backup/Restore functionality does not backup your entire database!

In your X-Cart admin section you have an X-Cart admin area called DB Backup/Restore, which theoretically should let you backup your entire X-Cart database and then easily restore it if needed.

The backup tool however does not backup your entire X-Cart database, and instead only backs up the default xcart tables. If you have any custom tables, which are common when installing X-Cart mods/addons or creating customizations, they will not be backed up. This means if you backup using the DB Backup/Restore X-Cart section, drop your database, and then restore from the X-Cart DB Backup/Restore section, you will lose your non-default X-Cart tables and all of the associated data. Additionally, if you've made permission changes to your default X-Cart tables, such as adding full text indexes, they may not restore correctly.

Instead of using the X-Cart backup/restore, we recommend that you instead use mysql or a program such as phpmyadmin to backup your X-Cart database. See also Moving X-Cart Database.

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