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Erin Anthony is a skilled developer with a background in web and graphic design.

Erin Anthony, Smack Digital
We'd like to formally introduce you to Erin Anthony, whom you may have already had the pleasure of meeting via our support desk.

Erin is a Texas State University alumni, graduating in 2000 with a bachelors degree in Communication Design with a concentration on web and graphic design.

Until 2006, Erin worked as a game and level designer, working for such companies as: Midway Games, Acclaim, Inevitable, Kinesoft and Digital Anvil. She developed popular games such as Area 51 and Vexx and was lead level designer on Blacksite: Area 51.

After moving to Costa Rica in 2006, Erin pursued independent career opportunities that would allow for a more flexible schedule and began working independently as a graphic, logo and website designer.

In 2008 Erin took up development of dynamic websites, learning PHP, Mysql, jQuery/Ajax and quickly became proficient, creating large scale websites including the complete programming and system and graphic design of TheRainForestRangers.com.

In 2013 Erin forayed into the world of eCommerce and began working in the X-Cart platform. Erin's talents were quickly noticed by Smack Digital founder Jon Peters. Erin began working for Smack Digital (formerly WebsiteCM) at the end of 2013. She has been responsible for the design implementation of the new Smack Digital website and has been instrumental in the development of CDSEO v2.0 including all four of the newly developed CDSEO addons.

Erin is a very talented web-developer whose skill-set is highly valued by Smack Digital and the clients we serve.

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