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New X-Cart Mod: XCMS For Content Management And X-Cart SEO!

Posted by and last updated Jan 10, 2014 01:31 AM

xCMS for X-Cart is a new blogging and article system to facilitate off-site SEO and link building by providing high-value, SEO optimized content.

We're excited to announce our latest X-Cart mod - xCMS - Blogs, Information, News, Articles and more - and explain how xCMS, in conjunction with CDSEO, can facilitate the bulk of your search engine optimization.

Simply stated, CDSEO provides your X-Cart a search engine friendly, keyword optimized structure while xCMS content increases your search engine credibility and traffic.

Below I will elaborate on how CDSEO and xCMS work together for your SEO benefit.



On-site vs. Off-site SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be broken down into two broad categories:

Definition Solution
1. On-site SEO Optimization done to the coding and structure of your website to make it search engine friendly. This includes elements such as page title, meta tags, urls and page content. CDSEO Pro for X-Cart
2. Off-site SEO Optimization not done on the site itself. In a general sense, the purpose of off-site SEO is to have other sites link to you.

xCMS - Blogs, Information, News, Articles and more

Once your on-site SEO is addressed and search engines can index you well, off-site SEO is really about building the external reputation of your site. While the on-site SEO of a site is important to ensure you're indexed appropriately for your keywords, a 2009 survey of SEO experts listed off-site SEO factors as more important than on-site factors in determining actual ranking. The underlying idea behind the importance of in-bound links to your site is fairly straight-forward. The goal of a search engine is to provide quality content to its users. When search engines see users linking to your content voluntarily, they see this as a testament to the quality of the content. By recommending such content they are more likely to be recommending relevant, quality content - so they increase the pages search engine ranking accordingly.

High-Value Content

So how do you increase in-bound links to improve your off-site SEO? The most proven method is by providing high-value content, often in the form of blogs, information pages, news postings and article entries.

By providing high-value content you:

  • Improve SEO by providing keyword rich content.
  • Increase your Page Rank by providing information that will be linked by bloggers, other websites in your industry, and shared in social networking sites.
  • Boost your trust authority with search engines.
  • Position your company as an expert in your field.
  • Increase credibility with your target market.
  • Encourage repeat visits by becoming a go-to resource.
  • Facilitate customer conversion by providing content relating to products and prompting to action.
  • Stay in constant contact with users via RSS Feeds.

For SEO purposes, everything done for your off-site SEO should be done within the SEO friendly structure provided by your on-site SEO. This is why we've integrated CDSEO and xCMS so that your xCMS content pages will have the same SEO features provided by CDSEO - SEO friendly urls, page titles, meta tags, link anchors, xml sitemaps etc.



Using xCMS to Deliver Content

xCMS for X-Cart allows you to easily categorize and add SEO friendly content to your website from the X-Cart administration area. Integrated with X-Cart's WYSIWYG editor makes formatting the content simple, and the thumbnail image uploader allows even inexperienced users to make image associations. A commenting system provides a level of interaction with your target market, and an entry/product association allows you to convert content to sales.

What about X-Cart's static pages module?
The static pages module is great for small amounts of content, but isn't able to manage large amounts of content, categorize such content, or provide additional features such as pagination, sorting, comments, views, thumbnail images, post/expiry dates, RSS feeds, etc. Simply stated, if the amount of content you're providing can work within the confines of the static pages module, you're not providing enough content.

So what about wordpress?
xCMS was built as a result of repeated requests from SEO experts wanting to optimize X-Cart with keyword rich content without having to install, integrate, maintain, and keep secure a completely separate piece of software such as wordpress. They also told us they found teaching clients how to login and use the separate wordpress admin section could be difficult and time consuming, and wanted a system like CDSEO to be able to manage the on-site SEO information of such pages. xCMS is fully integrated with X-Cart with a familiar and easy to use admin interface within the X-Cart admin section, and is fully integrated into the CDSEO program - even the XML sitemap generator.

Helping you improve SEO
In the coming weeks I'll be writing articles to take you through the process of evaluating keywords, writing SEO rich content for those keywords, optimizing content pages using xCMS and CDSEO and then driving traffic to those pages to increase your search engine rank and customer conversion.

For xCMS thumbnail images, details, a full feature listing
and to purchase, visit: xCMS for X-Cart.

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