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Intensely focused on your online success.

Smack Digital is the evolution of nearly two decade of web experience, knowledge, and refined processes.

Founder Jonathan Peters began developing for the web and optimizing for search engines in 1996 as a young whiz kid, selling his first website to a venture backed San Francisco start-up as a teenager in 1999.

In 2000, Jonathan formed On Point Web Productions, and began offering web development and SEO services publicly. In 2004, that company became WebsiteCM, and was grown into a leading provider of eCommerce solutions serving thousands of clients and generating software sales in the millions of dollars.

After ten successful years, seeking new opportunities and greater challenge, WebsiteCM became Smack Digital, a digital marketing agency providing both consulting and implementation services focused on providing integrated software development, search engine optimization and social media.

Few companies in the world possess our magnitude of processed, organized and strategic knowledge.

Our Purpose

Position our clients as the leaders of their industry.

Our Mission

Provide refined, integrated processes for digital success.

Our Vision

Every one of our clients leading their respective industries.

Our Customer Service Promises

Smack Digital is a value based company committed to outstanding customer service. Here are our promises to you:

Value #1: Trust

Trust is a value from which our other values stem. Our actions purposefully build trust. We believe in ourselves and our solutions, and want our clients to have that same confidence and trust in us.

Our Promise:
You'll be able to rely on the knowledge, accuracy and expertise behind our solutions.

Value #2: Quality

For things to be trusted, they have to work. We develop software and solutions with a meticulous obsession for detail.

Our Promise:
You'll receive exceptional solutions that work.

Value #3: Results

We strategically serve the business goals and objectives of our clients.

Our Promise:
You'll be more effective and successful using our solutions.

Value #4: Innovation

To continuously achieve results, solutions must improve and change as technology advances.

Our Promise:
You'll receive cutting-edge solutions.

Value #5: Challenge

We enjoy challenges as opportunities for growth.

Our Promise:
You'll be supported through challenges for constant improvement.

Value #6: Competitiveness

We thrive in competitive environments.

Our Promise:
You'll feel empowered against competitors with us at your side.
Jonathan Peters
"Upon my first glimpse into the internet I knew instantly I would spend the rest of my existence exploring the infinite possibilities."
- Jonathan Peters
Smack Digital Founder
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